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He graduated from Hacettepe University Conservatoire in 1990 and received an honours degree. In the same year, he received an invitation to join ‘Jeune Ballet de France’ and continued his dance career in France. He has performed in many cities in France and toured Far East with ‘Jeune Ballet de France’ for four months. He performed in many countries including China, Philippine, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Thailand. He received an invitation to perform at La Boyle Bale Festival in France. In 1993, he joined Ankara State Opera and Ballet, where he is still working as a principal dancer. He has worked with many well-known choreographers at his home country and abroad.

The world famous choreographers he worked with are as follows:

Krzysztof Pastor
Mauro Biganzetti
Christopher Dam Boise
Moris Bejart
Valentin Yelizariev
Valery Panov
Yuri Grigorovich
Marcia Haydee
Jean Christophe Blavier
Rino Pedrazzini
Robert Balogh
Andre Prokovsky

Over the years he has successfully represented our country at international stages and platforms. He has performed in many countries including Portugal, Hong Kong, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, France, Croatia, Belgium, Spain and Hungary. At a ballet competition in Russia he won the ‘Grand Prix top price’, where he partnered with Özge Başaran. He received an invitation to perform at the farewell event for the world famous choreographer Youri Vamos, which took place at the Deutsche Oper am Rhein Düsseldorf, Germany. He performed and represented our country in that special event. He performed twice in Russia, three times in Germany, in France and at the World Ballet Stars event in Kazakhstan. He also danced in ‘Sleeping Beauty’ at Krasnodar Theater following a special invitation by Yuri Grigorovich.

He danced at the following productions: ‘Pirate’, ‘Napoli’, ‘Grand pas Classic Ober’, ‘Sleeping Beauty’, ‘Don Quote’, ‘Seven Beauties’, ‘Şımarık Kız’, ‘Mevsimler’, ‘Serenad’, ‘Anna Karenina’, ‘Kamelyalı Kadın’, ‘La Bayadere’, ‘Three Musketeers’, ‘Hırçın Kız’, 'Giselle’, ‘Cinderella’, ‘Nutcraker’, ‘Romeo and Juliette’, ‘Ferhat ile Şirin’, ‘Swan Lake’, ‘Spartacus’, ‘Budala’, ‘Carmen’, ‘Summer Night’s Dream’, ‘Beethoven 7. Symphony’, ‘Kazamis Colours’. He also danced as a lead dancer at many modern productions. He contunies his career as a principal dancer at Ankara State Opera and Ballet.

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