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 Yoga is thousands of years ago, has emerged in India. The first information about yoga, which emerged during an archaeological excavation of 5000 years, yoga on the human figures engaged in the seal. The word yoga in Sanskrit "to merge or integrate," which is quite common in western countries when gelir.Son that yoga may seem more like a system of physical movements on the basis of the teachings of yoga asanas (yoga postures), pranayama (breathing), meditation, nutrition and many Several rounds of income occurred. The purpose of using the mind, body and breathing exercises dinginleştirmektir. Apart from all these yoga has its own philosophy.

BC 3 century, who lived and has an important place in the history of yoga, "Patanjali" penned by his eight stages of yoga, yoga Sutralarında says occurred.

PATCH-5 basic principles on which to base one's social and ethical aspects.
Niyama-5 basic principles on which to base one's relationship with him.
ASANA-yoga postures adopted for physical health and mental serenity.
Pranayama-breath of life through using energy to master.
Pratyahara-5 senses to realize the effect of misleading, desires to get rid of tutsaklığından.
Dharana-Focus. Focus on an object outside the body or the mind to a point.
Dhyana-in self-knowledge to discover the real me. Meditation.
Samadhi-merger. Individual mind to enter into the cosmic mind.

There are several types of yoga. The most well known of these, Hatha yoga, Karma yoga, Bhakti yoga. But these are only certain articles of the above-mentioned eight digits, including the types of yoga.

Do yoga on a regular basis:

Balances the metabolism.
The muscles, joints, internal organs and strengthens the nervous system.
Emphasis of the mind
Calm down and be patient
Allows the human self benliğine restoring.

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