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About Us
Our goal as the Dünya Dans Merkezi , primarily classical arts, including various types of art to introduce the community, capable of giving their children a good education and develop a real sense, the conservatory exams, or prepare to be a good follower of the art of our basic principles. For this reason, successful and have a career in the field by bringing together artists who were preparing a training group and the organization of Turkey as the quality of education across both plant and aims to be the reference.

The benefits of ballet

1.Bale proper posture, healthy and have a flexible body, whether it provides a major contribution.
2.Bale education contributes to students' physical and mental development.
3.Bale musicality, rhythm and strengthens the feeling of dance.
4.Bale strengthens the incentive to focus on success
5.Bale develop aesthetic perception.
6.Bale spiritual maturity, self-confidence and develops a sense of self-expression.
7.Bale time using a well-planned, programmed by learning to work, contribute to the success of the courses.A team in the treatment of orthopedic problems
8.Bale (import pressing) is useful as a factor in helping.


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